Back Pain Tennis Technique Tip

By Top Shot Tennis | December 5, 2014


Back Pain is such a bother.

back pain tennis

This week we’ve had more than 1 or 2 of you complain of back pain after playing tennis so we thought we should nip this in the bud quick smart.

Our Head Coach, Eti, says that tennis should not cause any back pain so if you are suffering this then you need to correct your technique.

Taking a break from the game will ease your back pain but coming back and playing the same game again will just see you back on a break pretty quickly.

So here’s our quick ‘Technique Tip’ of the week:

It’s all in the legs.

  1. Take a wider stance and get lower to the ground for ground strokes.
  2. Bend your knees more to prevent your back from over arching when serving.
  3. Instead of leaning from the hips forward to reach a ball – take an extra step and bend those knees to protect your back.

Why do we fail to do this?

Usually it’s our own fitness and strength levels.

To get to the ball and be in the right position earlier we need to be fast on our feet.

To stay low to the ground with a wide leg stance requires muscle strength in the legs.

What will help?

A combination of tennis fitness training and technique correction.

That’s why we have included both of those things in the Top Shot Tennis Membership program.

Come join us today and avoid those ‘tennis breaks’.

Play passionately,

Top Shot Tennis Team