Is it time to up your game of Bondi tennis?

By Top Shot Tennis | August 3, 2014

You know you’re hooked on Bondi tennis when you get excited just thinking about your next match.


What’s not to like about being outdoors (when weather permits) and working up a good sweat running after a fuzzy yellow ball?


The game of tennis is a great way to get beneficial exercise, help you sleep at night, make new friends and have fun with family members who share your passion for the game.


Once you learn the basics of the game, it takes time to bring all the elements of movement, timing and placement together.


Tip:Every player should strive for consistency in their strokes before adding power.


Too many beginners make this mistake. Sure it feels good to whack the ball so hard that it doesn’t come back over the net again, but is that the best way to play?  If you hit the ball out or into the net more than keep it in play, you’re getting nowhere fast.


Learning how to serve is another important part of the game. Players who learn how to “put a little something extra” on their first serve elevate this aspect of their game rather just crossing their fingers and lopping the ball in the service box.


Then there is the difference between playing singles and doubles. While there are similarities between the two, there are also many differences as well. For one, in doubles you have a partner covering half the court which can be confusing sometimes.

You might find yourself wondering, “When do I hit the ball and when do I get out of the way?”


Strategy is another important aspect of tennis and should not be underrated.


Tip:Controlled power can be an asset, but at the end of a match, it’s the smartest player with the most skills that wins the trophy.


You can’t always hide behind the baseline either. Good all around players learn how to approach the net and hit well placed, put away volleys.


If you’re tired of losing close matches, it’s time to consider elevating your game with some good coaching.


A good coach doesn’t have to have been “on the tour” to help you improve your game.


Coaching sessions can be taken in groups (four to six people), semi private (two people) or private (just you and the coach). Obviously, private lessons cost more, but you’ll learn a lot more, a lot faster.


All beginners have to start someplace and more advanced players who want to realise their full potential must get technical help with their strokes and other aspects of the game.


Another plus when you get coached is that the coach can hook you up with other players at your level. No one can really improve their game unless they are pushed to excel by playing with better players.


Tip:Clinics and social tennis sessions can help you network with other motivated players.


We have just added both of these to our class schedule with more coming in 2014.


If you’re tired of losing or getting bored pushing the ball around the court, why not join one of our coaching programs?  Once you get started and see how quickly you improve, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!


Check out our class schedule and coaching programs & come join our tribe!