How to make the most of your time on the Bronte tennis court

Posted by Top Shot Tennis on October 17, 2015 time on the tennis court

How to make the most of your time on the Bronte tennis court. When it comes to hitting the courts at Top Shot Tennis Coogee, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time when you should be working up a sweat and making the most of your court time. Whether you’ve been…

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Why Tennis is The Ace This Sydney Winter !

Posted by Top Shot Tennis on April 20, 2015 sydneywintertennis

The sun is setting on another glorious summer of tennis in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs …but it doesn’t mean you need to pull the doona over your head just yet. “Here are our tips for why tennis can still be the perfect sport for you in the cooler months”. [Click to Tweet] Cooler temperatures The mornings…

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Stuck For A Christmas Gift Idea? From $15 We’ve Got You Covered !

Posted by Top Shot Tennis on December 12, 2014 Untitled1

  We’ve Got You Covered With This Awesome Christmas Gift Idea ! This Christmas say no to all that rushing around, panic buying and lame last minute pressie choices! Instead chill out, avoid the crowds and check out our awesome selection of unique gift ideas. With the Australian Open about to kick off in January and global tennis stars descending…

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Back Pain Tennis Technique Tip

Posted by Top Shot Tennis on December 5, 2014 back pain tennis

  Back Pain is such a bother. This week we’ve had more than 1 or 2 of you complain of back pain after playing tennis so we thought we should nip this in the bud quick smart. Our Head Coach, Eti, says that tennis should not cause any back pain so if you are suffering…

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Which Type of Tennis Player Are YOU?

Posted by Top Shot Tennis on November 26, 2014 Steady Tennis Player

Hey Tennis Lovers, How ‘risky’ are you with your tennis game? Risk tolerance is something very personal to each one of us. You would expect to read about it in the Financial Review but not necessarily in the Top Shot Tennis newsletter! But this week we had this exact topic come up in our ladies…

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Can Consistency And Coaching Turn You Into A Dynamic Tennis Player?

Posted by Top Shot Tennis on November 24, 2014 Tennis ball and racket

Hey Tennis Lovers, Consistency is key! That’s what ‘they’ say anyway. Whether it’s business, life or tennis – consistency is key to success. Or is it? What if you are consistently playing really bad tennis, consistently getting frustrated at yourself and your game yet consistently doing nothing about it? What if you are consistently inconsistent…

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Clovelly Tennis Fitness and Footwork

Posted by Top Shot Tennis on August 3, 2014 What-is-Cardio-Tennis-2

Do you love tennis but find you just can’t make those tricky fast shots? Do you dream of upping your game but no amount of shot practice is doing the trick? Do you have great tennis shots but spend the whole game puffing and panting? Do you wonder how Nadal, Federer & the tennis greats…

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Is it time to up your game of Bondi tennis?

Posted by Top Shot Tennis on August 3, 2014 tennis coaching

You know you’re hooked on Bondi tennis when you get excited just thinking about your next match.   What’s not to like about being outdoors (when weather permits) and working up a good sweat running after a fuzzy yellow ball?   The game of tennis is a great way to get beneficial exercise, help you…

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