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By Top Shot Tennis | August 3, 2014

Do you love tennis but find you just can’t make those tricky fast shots?

Do you dream of upping your game but no amount of shot practice is doing the trick?

Do you have great tennis shots but spend the whole game puffing and panting?

Do you wonder how Nadal, Federer & the tennis greats endure those epic tennis matches?

The truth is …….

You need to BE FIT to play great tennis.

BUT just playing tennis won’t make you fit enough!


Look at the professional tennis superstars – they are not just tennis players, they are athletes. Rafael Nadal is a great example of this type of tennis player. He is known for his super quick feet and his ability to reach every ball that comes to his side of the court. He does this by working his cardio in a very in-depth way.

As for The Fed, he barely breaks a sweat in a 5 hour tennis match because his cardio fitness & endurance level is so high


To play great tennis ……..You need Clovelly Tennis Fitness and Cardio Top Shot Tennis!

tennis cardio


So, what is Tennis Cardio?

Tennis Cardio is a fun, high-energy program for tennis players of all levels to increase their fitness & give them faster feet while playing the sport that they love. From wanting to lose weight or simply to maintain a good level of fitness, Tennis Cardio gives a high-intensity workout that focuses more on your ability to get to each ball rather than the quality of the shot that you execute.

Tennis Cardio is a great way for beginners to get into tennis, for those who have taken a break for a while to get back into the sport and a great workout for current tennis players who want to up their speed in the game.


Tennis cardio began in 2005 in the United-States, and as of the 2010 U.S. Open has 1,700 different websites across America in addition to being spread across 30 countries. It was a program that introduced a new way of improving your fitness while meeting people and listening to music. It was also created in order to make people play tennis instead of going to the gym for a workout. The fact that tennis and cardio are meshed together helps people get more interested in this great sport, which is why this program is such a great success.


Top Shot Tennis is proud to host this fun and energetic program with instructors that are here to help you every step of the way.


If you want to play tennis and get a sweat on, this program is definitely for you!


The Tennis Cardio lessons are 1 hour long and divided into three segments:

  • Warm-up (15 mins)
  • Cardio (30 mins)
  • Cool-down (15 mins)


During the 15-minute warm-up you will do different exercises that prepare you for the following 30 mins intense, fast & seriously fun cardio session.

Great upbeat music to keep you in the rhythm, court side foot work to keep you continuously moving and fast on court action hitting plenty of balls will leave you feeling energised and ready to take on any opponent.

Your coach will guide you through each exercise and help you distribute your energy efficiently so you can do every exercise well and get the most out of the session.

To finish you will be taken through a 15-minute cool-down that consists of stretches and light running exercises to loosen up the body.


What’s the difference between Tennis Cardio and going on a treadmill at the gym?

Most tennis players love the game because it is not so ho hum like running on a treadmill!

Tennis Cardio can give you a workout as effective as a gym session while getting in a good tennis hit as well. It gives you the ability to work on multiple things at once: hand-to-eye coordination while in fast movement, improvement in endurance, improvement in quickness, and a “give it your all” mentality.


Why not come join us ………


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