Men’s Advanced Squad

Men’s Advanced Squad player is a product of technique, strategy, and proper instruction. He must possess mental, physical and technical strength to achieve world-class skills.

Men's Advanced Squad

A tennis player can only reach Men’s Advanced Squad tennis with the proper tennis training. Each player has to consider several aspects of tennis if he aims to reach the highest level of tennis performance.

These include the player’s mental toughness and physical fitness. In addition, a player has to have the strategic and technical capabilities an advanced tennis player in the game of tennis.

Reaching the level of advanced tennis is a component of developing the technical, physical and mental abilities of the player. It is a product of a systematic skill development program focusing on improving each player’s skill sets in different areas needed to succeed in tennis.

At Top Shot Tennis, we have Men’s Advanced Squad Tennis session every Tuesday 7:00pm and Thursady 7:00pm. We work everything from mental, physical and technical aspects of your game to achieve your highest level of tennis performance.

Price: $45

Duration: 1.5 Hrs. Session

Join us in one of our sessions and see for yourself the Top Shot Tennis difference.

Note: Whoever wants to have the lesson for Men’s Squad should have at least 30mins Private Lesson with our Head Coach for us to evaluate your Level and to maintain the Level of our Squad.