Which Type of Tennis Player Are YOU?

By Top Shot Tennis | November 26, 2014

Steady Tennis Player

Hey Tennis Lovers,

How ‘risky’ are you with your tennis game?

Risk tolerance is something very personal to each one of us.

You would expect to read about it in the Financial Review but not necessarily in the Top Shot Tennis newsletter!

But this week we had this exact topic come up in our ladies tennis clinic.

As Head Coach, Eti, guided two very different players on how to win against each other the girls realised how much they could actually learn from each other.

One of the players was of the ‘play to win’ style – going for every shot, taking risks and trying to hit a winner every time.

Whereas the other one was more of a slow and steady, play the ball back with a focus on consistency and error avoidance.

Which one is better?

The truth is that neither is better.

There are tennis players dominant in each style at the top on the world tennis circuit.

BUT – the real winners are the tennis players who can tap into both styles and know exactly when to play each one.

The big risk takers need to learn when to take a risk and go for a winner and when to bide their time and just play the ball back.

The consistent and steady player needs to learn when it’s time to step up, take that risk to play a winner and not fear the mistake that might be the result.

Winning at anything – be it tennis, business or life – requires calculated risk taking, trying new things and risking the odd failure here and there in order to move the dial in your favour – to WIN !

So next time you step onto the court ask yourself how much risk you are willing to take as a player.

Should you take more or take less to guarantee your win ?

See you on the courts!

Play passionately,


Owner & Head Coach